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Swimming Safety Information

Check the area beforehand.
Call before you go and ask if the area has lifeguards, set areas where you can or cannot swim, and some kind of alert system for when water conditions are not good for swimming. If possible, ask people in the area if they swim there and recommend it, or if anyone knows of any previous accidents/deaths/drownings in the area.

Acknowledge nature.
Check the weather. Even if it is beautiful on the day you are swimming, rain the day or two before can raise water levels and effect water currents.

Raise red flags.
Once you arrive and before you enter the water, identify any potential dangers. Is the water high or moving fast? Are there rocks visible on the surface or potentially hidden under the water? Can everyone easily enter and exit the water?

Identify a Water Guardian.
Verbally assign an adult to the duty of water guardian. Eliminate any distractions for the water guardian and make sure you have a plan for if the water guardian sees a situation and help is needed. Make sure everyone knows who the current water guardian is.

et boundaries.
Know where you can and cannot swim before entering the water. Make sure all swimmers are easily visible at all times. Look for any areas you should stay well away from, such as a sudden drop leading to deeper water, rocks and waterfalls, or areas which may effect the speed and power of the water.

Swim within arm’s reach of an adult.
Always swim with an adult buddy and make sure they verbally know you are counting on them in case of an emergency. Stay within arm’s reach of your adult swim buddy. Every swimmer should have their own adult buddy.

Always swim safely!
Make sure everyone knows the plan for the day. Have a plan in case of an emergency and know how you will communicate for help if needed. Be safe and have fun!

swimming safety



swimming safety
If you would like to volunteer, or know an event Carissa's Caution could take part in, please let us know! Make sure to check this page for event updates as we learn more!

We would love to discuss water safety with local day cares, preschools, elementary schools, park programs, and anywhere that will allow us to reach out to families! We can do readings, discussions, or set up booths at local events!

If you are interested in becoming deeply involved with Carissa's Caution, please contact us


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